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From its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Chevrolet (Chevy) has been producing affordable, high-performance vehicles for more than a century. Throughout nearly all of its history, the company has been a division of General Motors. The brand is popularly referred to as Chevy, and several different models have been produced under the Chevy brand through the years. 

From its inception, these vehicles have been marketed as more affordable alternatives to vehicles by popular automakers like Ford, but no one would ever classify Chevrolet as a budget automaker. From the powerful Standard Six of yesteryear, to the sleek, glamorous Corvette of today, this company knows how to make cars that excite people.

A Little Chevrolet History

Originally called the Chevrolet Motor Company, the auto manufacturer was founded by William Durant in 1911. The company’s name came from a partnership that Durant had with a well-known race car driver named Louis Chevrolet. Though the partners went different ways in 1915 (Chevrolet resigned and sold his stock to Durant) the company kept the former co-founder’s name. Durant would go on to purchase a majority share in another auto manufacturing company, known as General Motors.

The partnership between Chevrolet and Durant folded due to a disagreement over the price point and design of vehicles being produced. While Durant felt strongly that the company’s vehicles needed to be made and priced for the general population, Chevrolet disagreed. He wanted his name attached only to large, luxury vehicles.

In 1917 Durant, who was now president of General Motors, acquired the Chevrolet Motor Company. This was also the first year that a Chevrolet truck was manufactured. Three years later in 1920, Chevrolet was the third most popular automotive brand in the country, following Ford and Dodge. The Chevy Corvette is still one of the most popular vehicles today. It was first manufactured in 1953 and continues to be sought out as a classic.

The company now falls under the parent brand General Motors, and continues to produce their popular cars, trucks and SUVs.

Costs Associated with Insuring a Chevy

These cars are popular because the automaker was able to produce reliable vehicles that are filled with top features. There are many benefits to owning a Chevy. They are very affordable, and in terms of auto insurance, premiums for these vehicles won’t break the bank. Annual premiums can start as low as $1,200 per year and go up from there. The popular Corvette might run around $1,800 to $2,000 per year, depending on age, location, driving record, etc. Sporty models will obviously run more than conservative options like the Cruze or sturdy workhorses like the Silverado.

When budgeting for car insurance, it is important to know the details of your specific model, which will affect pricing, so be sure to talk to a United Agent for assistance. Our trained staff are experts in the field and can help you get the best deal possible on car insurance.

How Safe Are Chevrolet Cars?

Chevrolet cars regularly receive a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The Volt model, for example, consistently receives a 5-star rating, along with the Sonic, Malibu and the Camaro. To be considered a Top Safety Pick by the NHTSA, a vehicle must perform well in all aspects of a crash test, including front/side, rollover and seat/head restraint categories. Chevrolet performs remarkably well in the small cars category with the Cruze, Sonic and Volt Models. The Equinox SUV was also awarded the 5-star safety rating. All of this said, keep in mind that safety can play a role in insurance premiums. Some companies reward safety with better rates, however, that will depend on the make, model, etc.

How Much Will it Cost to Insure My Chevrolet?

Another factor that contributes to the amount you will spend on insurance is the actual MSRP or market value of a particular model. If an expensive vehicle is involved in an accident or stolen, it will cost the insurance company more to reimburse the owner. Accordingly, the amount spent to protect higher value models is higher than less expensive counterparts. Since many Chevrolet models are moderately priced, the company ranks 24th out of a total of 36 automakers in terms of the price to insure. Of course, entry level models such as the Sonic or Spark will cost significantly less to protect than luxury performance offerings.

Are These Cars Frequently Stolen?

There are many variables that determine what you will pay for car insurance, and high instances of auto theft can drive up cost. Some Chevys are considered to be an increased liability. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has reported that the Chevy Pickup continues to be a vehicle that appears on the Top Stolen List. Some of the notable “Hot Wheels” car models prone to theft include the Cavalier, Caprice, Camaro, and Blazer. While this automaker certainly isn’t the worst offender on the Top Stolen list, this higher-than-average rate of theft is something to keep in mind when obtaining auto insurance.

To Conclude

Chevrolet has definitely hit some major home runs over the years. Two of its most popular cars - the Chevy Impala and the Chevy Camaro - were discontinued and brought back due to popular demand!

But those aren’t the only thing to put Chevrolet on the map. The automaker has also earned a reputation for introducing exciting, desirable features that were typically only found on very expensive vehicles, including electronic stability control, fuel injection, safety glass and anti-lock brakes. these features appeared on nearly all of their affordable cars.

Did you know? For nearly five decades, Chevy ruled the SUV market with the Chevy Blazer (although it wasn’t consistently sold under that model name).

In terms of enduring classics, the Corvette definitely deserves a mention here. To many, the Corvette is the sleekest, most stylish high-performance sports car on the market today.

One of the company’s most famous and enduring innovations, the small-block V-8 engine, is the longest-used mass-produced engine in the entire world.

After being in business for more than a century, it’s safe to say that the automaker isn’t going anywhere but up. The popular automaker continues to develop exciting new innovations and there is no stop in site for them.

For you as the driver, maintaining a clean driving record will help to lower those auto insurance premiums. In terms of lower insurance costs, consider investing in a fuel-efficient vehicle like the Chevy Volt. Although the Volt might be a bit more expensive to protect, the savings in fuel economy will more than make up the difference.


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